General Info

The mission of the Institute is to become a center for excellence in education with programs that are person, industry & community oriented.
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Code of practice

NITT is a signatory to the Code of practice for pastoral care of international students. As part of this process NITT

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Academic Calender

Check the important dates for the year 2017 and 2018 with NITT's official Academic Calendar.

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Ten good reasons for studying at the New Zealand Institute of Technical Training (NITT)

* The first and obvious reason is the quality of the programmes available to you at NITT. The owners and staff have a commitment based on years of experience in education of students in New Zealand and elsewhere including Australia.

* You will already be aware of the benefits of education in New Zealand. A reminder of the benefits of study in New Zealand can be found here

* Manukau Centre is a modern dynamic location established as a purpose built city in the 1970s. Current and future plans for Manukau can be found here

AUT University has its campus within walking distance of NITT's campus. Manukau Institute of Technology has plans to develop a new campus a stone's throw from NITT campus. Close proximity to both institutions provides ideal opportunities for NITT students to gain access to these university and institute of technology programmes upon graduation from NITT.

* Manukau is a transport hub away from the congestion of central Auckland City traffic, but within easy reach by public or private transport. Conveniently ocated at the junction of State Highways 1 and 20 and only 10 minutes from the airport, you are never far from anywhere. Trains and buses are at your doorstep.

*  Manukau is a city within a city with one of the largest shopping malls in the country with all the shops and services you can expect in such a location. Expect an active social and nightlife once your study is over for the day or week.

* Manukau is very multicultural and accepting of diverse ethnicities. Expect to meet people from other cultures as well as your own in the diversity that is Manukau

* Accommodation options include rental or homestay. Expect to pay approx $300+pw for a two to three bedroom house to rent or $200+ pw for homestay.

* The NITT campus location provides computer labs as well as classrooms. The kitchen facilities provide a place for you to relax between classes.

* Staff Members are ready to give you the help you need to settle into your life and study at NITT and they are also ready to help you progress as you complete your study with us and move on to study or work elsewhere.