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NITT is a signatory to the Code of practice for pastoral care of international students. As part of this process NITT

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Dear New Zealand Institute of Technical Training,


Taking this wonderful opportunity to say my sincere thank you NITT. For remembering and counting me in to have a say about my experience and amazing journey that I had from the 23rd of January 2017 until the 14th July 2017 for my NZCEL L4 course.


A journey to remember! I would say. Unforgettable but worth it. A whole new multicultural environment of institute education for international students from different countries.


Sharing and experiencing the challenges of studying in New Zealand away from family and friends from different cultures. Considering of its small private owned institute. NITT got it all of what it takes.


Speaking from my own experience. Starting from the Co-founder to the whole staff of NITT from different nationalities. They each provide, such great sense of humor specializing in their own areas and responsibilities. To the lectures of my course, each of you contributed and nurtured useful lessons to prepare my journey ahead for a successful pathway of my education in Aotearoa.


All the credits will come back to you for all the hard effort and great work provided for us students.



To all the international students out there, thinking of a great pathway to start your education in New Zealand. New Zealand Institute of Technical Training, has it all for your needs.


Do not waste your time to think twice or else you will miss the wonderful opportunity.


Remember the Motto: “Never Give Up Easily” because “Education is the Key to success


Thank You.


- Tanimo Taulafo (from Samoa)